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Stained glass | Central Glass Ltd, Sheffield
Stained glass | Central Glass Ltd, Sheffield
Stained glass | Central Glass Ltd, Sheffield

Stained glass

Central Glass Ltd is one of the only double glazing companies in the UK to employ in-house specialists dedicated to the creation, restoration and enhancement of stained glass.

You can count on our 30+ years of experience in this delicate art, for a unique and totally bespoke service. Our team use traditional techniques alongside cutting-edge design software: from traditional stained glass to contemporary designs, they can help you.

Upgrading your old windows or doors with a modern, energy efficient replacements, doesn’t mean that you have to lose any beautiful existing stained glass or compromise the character of your home.

It is often possible to retain existing stained glass by encapsulating your original stained glass inside a double glazed unit, effectively making it triple glazed.

What if your ageing but much-loved stained glass has faded? Our expertise and experience means we can revitalize deteriorated glass – and offer colour matches for your new new panels. 

Our wide range also includes copy-stains, bevels, and etched glass designs - all hand made to suit your individual requirements.

Whether you wish to retain or restore your original stained glass, recreate existing panels, or even have some made in the traditional way to fit into your new windows or doors, we will be happy to advise you.

View some examples of our stained glass work below – and contact our experienced and skilled glaziers (with no obligation) for advice about stained glass bespoke to your property or project.

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