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Laminated and toughened glass

Safety. Security. Reliability. Put your trust in our laminated and toughened glass range. And explore new possibilities by putting glass into places you’d never thought possible.

Protect people and property with laminated glass from Central Glass Ltd.

If a our laminated glass is broken a special interlayer will hold the fragments together. It provides peace of mind, instead of pieces of glass.

Or use Toughened Safety Glass for the highest resistance to impact and thermal stresses. It’s up to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. And it can even be combined with solar control glass.

What’s more you can use toughened glass in your home or for your interior design projects.

It looks incredible as a balustrade for a chic modern staircase, as part of an internal mezzanine or external balcony, for shelving or even to create internal walls.

Its strength and resistance to impact also enables you to use toughened glass in other places you’ve never thought of before to create stunning features and design elements.

Not only does our toughened glass provide you with peace of mind – it looks amazing!

Safety. Security. Peace of mind. And scope for fabulous design. Get in touch with our experienced team of glaziers for more information about how to use toughened safety glass or laminated glass in your project.

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