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Noise reduction

Noise reduction

Need to control excessive noise, whether from roads, rail, air traffic, or other sources? Choose noise reduction glass from Central Glass!

Contact our team of expert glaziers to talk through your requirements: our standard laminated 6.4mm glass can offer you a 4 decibel reduction in noise layers: better than triple glazing, this could be the ideal solution for you if you just need a modest reduction in sound levels.

Central Glass also stock specialist noise reduction glass. This is a laminated glass with a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) interlayer that greatly reduces noise from one side of the window to the other.

This product offers you a 10 decibel reduction in noise levels and our team can cut it to whatever size you need.

Suffering excessive noise from traffic, music, trains, aircraft and rail, air traffic and other sources? Noise control glass gives you peace, quiet and peace of mind.

It is a high quality, acoustic laminated glass, that offers excellent noise reduction. It reduces noise in two ways: by reflecting noise back to the source, and absorbing the noise.

You can use or specify noise reduction glass in a range of domestic, commercial, and industrial uses. Call on our 30 years of experience: whatever your excessive noise problem, we probably have the right noise reduction product for you.

You can also combine noise reduction with other features: fire protection, solar control, insulation – just contact our expert glaziers for advice specific to your exact requirements.

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